PrimaTrades, the renowned forex and CFD broker recognized for its excellence, sets a new benchmark in risk mitigation with PrimaProtect, an innovative risk management tool. This distinctive feature empowers you to safeguard a particular trade against potential losses of up to one million dollars within a selected timeframe, in exchange for a nominal hedging fee paid upon acquisition. PrimaProtect was developed as part of the companys ongoing commitment to client success and satisfaction and is available exclusively on PrimaTrades's platforms.

Reduced Risk, LOTS of Benefits

In contrast to a conventional position, which can suffer when the market takes an unfavorable turn, protected trades remain shielded from adverse movements throughout the selected duration. Essentially, PrimaTrades guarantees reimbursement for any losses incurred during the protected period, directly deposited into your account!

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Ultra-low spreads and swap rates


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Calculating the PrimaProtect Premium

The PrimaProtect premium depends on the anticipated volatility of the underlying position throughout the contract's duration. This premium adjusts according to the trade size and protection period you select. The hedging fee for PrimaProtect will be subtracted from your available cash balance at the time of acquisition.

How To Hedge Your Bets With PrimaProtect

PrimaProtect risk coverage reimburses losses incurred during the protected period, encompassing stop outs, manual trade closures, or unrealized losses of an open trade upon coverage expiration. Any trades still active at the end of protection will persist, with any negative floating balance at expiry reimbursed directly to your account, minus the hedging cost. If a protected trade is closed manually or via stop out, the coverage concludes at that juncture. Reimbursed losses are credited as liquid cash, free from any withdrawal restrictions.

Can You Reduce Risk When Trading?

Opt for PrimaProtect when making your next trade and experience peace of mind throughout the protection period. With this assurance, you can confidently pursue larger and more ambitious market maneuvers, reassured that if your protection concludes and you hold an open losing position, PrimaTrades will fully reimburse your account for any losses suffered. Your sole expense is a nominal hedging cost – it's as straightforward as that!

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